Some girls really be asking for way too much from a guy.


That’s why I stopped complaining about “Yung lalaking… blah-blah-blah.” He should be like this, he should look like that. Stop! Not every guy is a Prince Charming. Because in reality, you really can’t have it all. You won’t be with a man who’s perfect and all. But you can look or wait for the right man instead! That’s how you’ll know, you stop expecting and demanding.

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"Maybe if I’m enough, you’d stay."Six Word Story (via escafeism)

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"If you truly love someone, you will not let go. Because letting go and setting them free is the most coward thing to do. Why should you believe in an old saying “If you love someone, set them free.” That’s foolishness. Its not true because loving someone is all about fighting for them, holding them so tight and never losing the grip to let them go. If you happen to lose the one you love and leaves you grieving for the rest of your life then that serves you right because if you don’t really want to be alone and see them with someone else, you should have not let them go in the first place."don’t be a coward (xx)

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"One day, I’ll get tired. Get tired of trying to make you happy, of trying to make myself good enough for you. One day, I’ll run out of reasons to keep fighting for us, to make this relationship work. One day, I’m just going to explode and you’ll be the only casualty. One day, you’ll find yourself staring at my side of the bed, trying to imagine me there. But I won’t be coming back anymore. I’ve had enough of the pain, of the heightened insecurity brought about by your lies and cheating escapades, of the doubting and worrying. I’m sick of convincing yiu that I am right for you because along the way, you showed me why I can’t be that girl who makes you smile and happy and giddy and contented. It’s her. I’m sick of hating her just because you care for her so much. This time, I’m putting a stop to all my feelings for you. I am now letting you go."How goodbye meant to the girl who’s held on for so long (via escafeism)

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If you love someone, you can be his everything.
You will always be there no matter what happens. You can be his shoulder to cry on. You can be his comfort zone when he’s feeling down. You can even be his home when he cant seem to find himself. You will always give him the feeling of being loved and that you will always tell him how much he matters to you and that he’s worth it. You’ll always be his all weather friend and at the same time his best mate. Tell him things he should know, keep him aware of the things he didn’t know and protect him against the people who will try to destroy him. He maybe the guy but he also needs someone who will stood up for him when the world is against him. If he’s sad then put a smile in his face, if his alone then accompany him, if his angry then try to calm him down, if his overjoyed then laugh with him till both of your stomachs hurt. Tell him silly jokes when he’s bored. Take him to places he’d never traveled before. Cuddle with him on rainy evenings. Text him late at night and confess how much you love him. Never cheat. Never play. Grant him things he always wants and that could make him happy but don’t forget to set your own limitations. It takes a lot of effort but he will sure appreciate everything. A guy needs comfort, protection and assurance that even when all of the people turn their backs on him but as long as he have that one girl who defends him and be on his side all the time then he knows he shouldn’t give up. And that makes him think that his life is worth living for.
"Being your girlfriend, I always have a feeling of jealousy, insecurity and hatred. I know I shouldn’t feel this things but I cant help it. Whenever I see you being so close to any other girls, I feel like I want to murder them and hit you so hard. It makes me jealous even if I know what’s my real worth towards you. You always tell me they’re just your friends but you will never remove that feeling in me. You see, we started as friends too and that scares me because what if you’ll learn to like them just like you liked me when were just starting to have something towards each other. It keeps me feeling so insecure and you cant blame me for that. I love you too much that I couldn’t afford to lose someone like you. I don’t want others to ruin our beautiful relationship. We work so hard for this and it’ll be devastating to be wrecked by unworthy people. This may be too clingy to say but when it comes to you, I don’t want to share. Call me selfish but what is mine is mine. I know you’re not a thing to own but I want all of you. All of your attention, all of your love and all of you."yes, i’m clingy.. (xx)

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"I’m so in love with you, Lord God."xxii (via escafeism)

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"Being busy means you’re blessed, because your life’s not boring. You’re stressed, but you feel fulfilled. You feel tired, yet you’re happy of being what, who or where you are now. God is so good that despite of exhaustion in school/work and house, you still have that positive outlook about everything in life. He gave you that strength/power of not giving up so easily. You just keep on fighting and making your life to become a meaningful one without any regrets at all."Having a busy life means you’re having a good life. #kms (via escafeism)

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Relationship is not holding hands while you understand each other. It’s about having lots of misunderstanding and still not dropping each other’s hands.

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